Our service for the best golden visa real estate - independent and efficient

Buying real estate is the most popular option the obtain the golden visa in Portugal. However it is very difficult for international buyer to understand the market and be present in Portugal to manage the purchase. There a many offers on the market that as designed to sell highly overprized properties to golden visa applicants.


Pearls of Portugal is  specialized in finding the best real estate for golden visa applicants making the purchase as fast and safe as possible. We work 100% for you as a Golden Visa investor and guarantee absolute confidentiality. We offer all services related to the purchase of real estate in Portugal.


Our service for the best golden visa real estate - independent and efficient!

Benefits of working with Pearls of Portugal in the golden visa process

  • We accompany you personally throughout the entire buying process. We organize the viewings for you and clarify questions with the seller. We coordinate the communication with your Golden Visa lawyer
  • We provide you with professional financial evaluations of the properties to guarantee you real and optimal market prices. You will not buy overprized real estate with us  
  • Through us you have the best choice of objects and market transparency because we are not limited by a portfolio. We search on over 120 plattform, 70 real estate networks and banks. The market is our portfolio
  • We conduct the price negotiations for you with local and native employees. This way you can save a lot of money. 
  • We offer fixed and transparent prices regardless of the real estate value. This way we can work 100% in your interest
  • We provide you with the best options for golden visa lawyers or construction companies 
  • We pay for the preparation or review of the customary purchase agreement by one of our partner lawyers which also includes the legal checks of the required documents
  • You take no risk. If you do not like any of our Golden Visa proposals and do not wish to visit them, you will have no costs

Golden Visa Real Estate Search - Always a strong partner by your side

 You will be personally assisted by one of our Golden Visa client managers  that researches suitable real estate based on your investment options. 

Our services:

  • Personal assistance by a Golden Visa research consultant. Individual searches  based on your Golden Visa profile
  • Coordination and accompaniment of the viewing appointments and clarification if questions upfront
  • Assistance with the authorities, utilities and banks in the real estate aquisition
  • Price negotiation in your name and all the communication with the seller
  • Professional price evaluation of your Golden Visa real estate
  • Mediation of lawyers for the Golden Visa application
  • Payment of costs for the preparation or review of the customary purchase agreement in Portugal (the actual purchase contract) and the associated examination of the documents by one of our partner lawyers: 
    • Who is the owner of the immovable property you intend to buy
    • That the property is legally registered in the corresponding Land Registry
    • That the property is free from charges (mortgages, liens and encumbrances, etc.)
    • That the property has been granted by the Town Hall the corresponding municipal building perm
  • Mediation of constructiuon companies well as architects that are needed for the 350k and 280k option


Price: 4990 EUR (excluding VAT). There are no costs if you do not like any of the proposed real estate options. To ensure that viewings are realized by the customer, we charge a unique payment of 10% of our fee (499 EUR excluding VAT) when customers instruct us to organize viewings and send and employee to accomnpany them. If a customer decides in favor of a real estate, the remaining 90% of the fixed commission of EUR 4491 (excluding VAT) will be payable at the signing of the deed contract, reservation  or purchase agreement. You do not pay brokerage fees to the seller or broker.