English speaking construction supervisors and craftsmen in Portugal


Most of our clients wish to renovate their new property before moving in for the first time or even buy land in Portugal to construct a new property. Some clients in the golden visa process even have to do mandatory renovation.   


The sticking point for construction projects or renovations is always the language. Many customers are clearly confused when receiving quotations from Portuguese craftsmen. In the Portuguese construction business most parts are regulated verbally rather than in writing manner between the parties - especially among smaller companies. Accordingly important is an English-speaking and trusting communication between the client and the craftsmen.

Supervisor Services

We provide international clients with external English-speaking site managers and client representatives for any type of construction project or renovation throughout Portugal. The services include the following contents:

  • Consulting for the project
  • Coordination of planning processes with the craftsmen and the other project participants or authorities
  • Calls for tender on behalf of the client
  • Cost control for the for construction works
  • Processing of supplements during construction
  • Monitoring of qualities and dates
  • Acceptance of services performed on behalf of the client
  • Compilation of the documentation


Renovations of houses and apartments - 990 EUR (excluding VAT)

New buildings in the non-commercial area - 3990 EUR (excluding VAT)

Commercial construction projects and major projects - by arrangement



More specific requirements and commercial projects can also be provided by the project managers. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in an English speaking construction manager.