Professional valuation of your property in Portugal

Although the prices for real estate in Portugal are compared to other countries much cheaper, you should also pay attention to the  actual market value of the desired property. In addition to rental, the value development is a very important component for the purchase of a property in Portugal.

The best estimate can certainly give the local broker, but unfortunately he is not always the most honest source for this kind of information. In order to facilitate the valuation of a property, Portugal's leading real estate portal has developed a software that allows objectively identifying the current market value of the property.


This software is chargeable and only available to commercial users of the platform. For our contract customers we use the software as inclusive service in the context of the real estate search. If you as a non-customer wish to value a property, we can do this for you.


The valuation of the property includes in addition to the expected retail price

  • the market price development for the property in recent years
  • an overview of the most important infrastructure points (traffic, restaurants, shopping etc.)
  • important reference object

If you are interested or have questions, feel free to contact us.