Where to invest in Portugal

Depending on the objectives, regional differences have to be considered


Those who love the flair of southern cities and put a lot of value on a good infrastructure, will be right in Lisbon and Porto. From a real estate perspective, both cities are similarly attractive. Especially apartments are very suitable for renting via airbnb or similar portals, as the number of city travelers has increased in recent years and the season extends almost to the whole year. But this is also reflected in the comparatively higher prices for Portugal. Both cities have well-connected European airports, which are also served by cheaper airlines such as Ryanair. Whichever type of city suits you can be quickly found out by a visit.


The Algarve is one of the warmest regions in Portugal and also the sea is comparably warm like other Mediterranean regions. The "capital" Faro has an international airport and infrastructure such as hospitals, etc. For those who value beach and sea, the Algarve is the place to be. The most beautiful and famous beaches are in the Algarve. For buyers who want to retire in Portugal, the part of the country is very popular because of its excellent climate. The rental season is from about May to September with high daily prices, which makes the rental attractive. The audience here is quite international with a focus on UK, Netherlands and Portugal. Due to the strong tourist appeal, the range of leisure and nightlife activities is correspondingly high.


Portugal's only national park is located in the north of the country in the border region with Spain. The region has a unique landscape and is clearly "decelerated" compared to other areas. For those with a high love of nature and the intention to leave behind the stress of civilization, the National Park is just the right address. The park has no connection to the sea, but has many beautiful lakes and rivers. The towns and villages of Peneda-Gerês have retained their unspoilt character despite increased demand in recent years. The high demand and the low prices make the region an insider tip for those interested in renting.

The Atlantic coast

The majority of the Portuguese coast lies on the Atlantic Ocean. The picturesque coastal region is very popular with Portuguese for the summer vacation. But many international visitors have discovered this part of Portugal for water sports like surfing or fishing. The sea is much rougher than in the Algarve. If you prefer a quiet walk on the beach to a walk along a tourist promenade, then this is the place for you. Along the coast there are many charming smaller towns like Sines, Sesimbra or Figueira da Foz next to the big cities. Due to the reduced international tourism , one also dives faster into the Portuguese culture and neighborhood.


In addition to the coastal regions, Portugal has many regions, such as Alentejo in the outback, which show some fairytale landscapes. Prices in these regions are still lowest. Rentals to tourists or locals should not be in the foreground for buying a property here. Anyone who wants to build his personal dream home for private use and consistently immerse himself in Portuguese culture will find his dream property here. Driving spontaneously to the sea is rather difficult. But just the rivers offer beautiful natural beaches (praias fluvia) and many new trails. Many interested in this region also look for old farmhouses or similar properties with sufficient land to restore them.