Real estate at the Algarve

Fantastic beaches and vibrant cities

The Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal, known for its beaches, cliff-top landscapes and pulsing tourist centers. The coastal region is densely populated with a change of charming fishing villages and small towns. The area is also known for its excellent golf courses, which attract many international players each year and offer appropriate hotel facilities.


In the Algarve, the highest number of sunny days in Europe is counted, which makes properties for long-term use even in winter very attractive. The summers are hot and dry. The winters are very mild. The temperatures rarely fall below 10 degrees in this season and sometimes reach up to 20 degrees.


The best and most famous beaches in Portugal are in the Algarve. There are over 15 major beaches that can be reached quickly and easily by car. The beach of Odeceixe, for example, is lined with imposing cliffs, with the sea on one side and the river on the other. For families or grandparents with grandchildren, the beach is ideal as the younger children can enjoy the tranquility of the river while the adults enjoy the sea.


 For tourists, the Algarve is very popular. Therefore, the region has a very rich offer of restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping and leisure activities. The densely populated coastal strip "Litoral" forms the tourist center of the Algarve.


Especially in summer, renting a property is very attractive. Popular places to buy real estate are Tavira, Monte Gordo, Vale de Lobo, Vilamoura, Albufeira, Carvoeiro and Ferragudo. The properties are in the middle to upper price segment for Portugal. Most buyers are looking for freestanding real estate with a pool for their own use. If you want to rent and occasionally use the property for yourself, then an apartment in the small towns can also be attractive.


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