The further north you are in Portugal, the more you immerse yourself in the Portuguese society. Nature is much stronger than in the south and there are still many spots where social trends of acceleration and digitization have so far passed. Contrary to some rumors, the north is not cold, it is colder compared to the south of Portugal.

In the north you will find many small towns that have retained their charm and in whose restaurants you will ask in vain for an English menu. Cities with such a character include Ponte de Lima, Vila Verde, Braga, Arcos de Valdevez, Guimarães or Viana do Castelo. At the same time, the cities have a good infrastructure. Here you also find the best hospitals in the north of Portugal.


Due to the not very touristy infrastructure and the beautiful landscapes, the north or in particular the Peneda-Gerês National Park has become a very popular holiday destination for hikers and nature lovers. Thanks to the mild climate, the region offers ideal conditions for extended tours throughout the year. In addition to shady forest trails, the circular walks also offer challenging mountain trails and impressive panoramic views.


The unclear, mountainous landscape is habitat for many wild animals such as wolves, wild cats or wild horses. In the valleys there are lush vegetation and forests, especially oaks, prunus and the world-protected tree species Albergaria and Cabril.


With regard to real estate, there are still very good offers for houses and above all plots of land. When choosing the region, a distinction should be made between own use and renting to tourists. The strong hiking tourism takes place in the National Park and accordingly there are the right properties to find in the region. If you do not want to rent, you can find absolute dream properties on favorable conditions in the north.


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