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The investment into art is probably the least known and highly underestimated option for the golden visa investment in Portugal. The artworks can be painting, sculptures or any other kind of branch of the visual arts that that can be exhibited in a museum. You can also participate in films already produced or even an artist project. The best choice however are collectables like paintings. 


This hidden champion among the golden visa routes  is profitabe, safe and fast. The investment in artworks does not require special knowledge of the art market as you will be accompanied by experts that assure an optimal investment and guaranty to fullfil the SEF requirements.

Benefits of art investments

  • With a total amount of 250.000 EUR this option requires the lowest financial investment for your golden visa application
  • As you are investing as a non European citizen into art you only pay a strongly reduced tax
  • The art market gives you high flexibility regarding the arte portfolio that you would like to invest in. This means that you can spread your investments in several artworks
  • The art market has very high value appreciation rates with 14% in 10 years
  • The investment is fast and uncomplicated
  • You will benefit of a free marketing and publicity of your investment

How do I invest in art valuables and what are the requirements?

There are professional experts in the market that help investors to find the best art investments. They assure that the art will be exhibited in a Portuguese museum and that the artwork fullfils the requirements implied by the SEF. They normally provide you with an extensive list of art investments and the corresponding prices. The art has to be purchases in Portugal and can be an existing or new artwork. The artist does not have to be Portuguese.


In case of acquisition of an artwork, they must be delivered to a Museum in Portugal based on an official contract. The art has to be exhibited for a period of 5 years which corresponds to the duration of the Golden Visa application period.

The Museum will be in charge of publicizing the exhibition. The amount obtained from the sale of tickets will revert to the Museum. The costs arising from the maintenance of the rtwork, such as conservation, insurance and preservation, will be the responsibility of the Museum. The fact that a museum exhibits your art is an important factor for the value appreciation after five years.

How much can I earn with arts?

In a number of ways arts like paintings are extraordinary economic goods. They are at once durable consumer goods and financial assets. Their value ranges from a couple of thousands of Euros to millions of Euros when being purchased. When hung in museums, they increase considerably in value as they become highyl exposed to the public and gain attention in the market. Artworks are speculative goods to the extent that demand determines the future price and appreciation and expected future price appreciation determines demand. Especially paintings are an archetype of these "collector goods" and deserve special attention when defining the best investment portfolio. 


The optimal period is to hold the artworks for around 10 years. After this period the value growth is estimated for example for artworks to be 148% (Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index). The minimum by law for the golden visa is 5 years. Art is considered the fourth most profitable investment in luxury goods - outpacing jewellery, coloured diamonds, watches or wine. 

What is the best strategy to invest?

As a rule, one-offs or short runs are interesting for the investor. When investing in art, different strategies can be followed depending on the goal. The purchase of unknown artists harbors the attractiveness of a high profit increase possibility, but it is also associated with the highest risk. It should be borne in mind that less than 10% of young artists manage to gain a foothold on the art market. Another disadvantage of unknown art is that there is little chance of being able to sell it again at a reasonable price.


Investing in well-known artists is associated with less risk. This does not only require less expert knowledge, since the price development is usually transparent and can be read on auction-based charts. In this case, however, a high level of personal liquidity on the part of the investor is a prerequisite: unique specimens often cost over 100,000 euros; Investing in well-known artists has other advantages and disadvantages: it is easier to buy and resell your art. On the other hand, in addition to the pure market values, the higher commissions of dealers and auction houses also have to be taken into account. One strategy to avoid the risks is to invest in artists who have proven themselves for a long time and whose art is already recognized in art history.


A medium strategy is to invest in up-and-coming artists, who are not yet established, but can already see the first exhibitions at well-known gallery owners or notable events, as well as first public purchases.

Strategies art investments golden visa Portugal

Which are the best Portuguese artists?

The top 10 contemporary Portuguese artists:


  • Joana Vasconcelos  - is undoubtedly one of Portugal’s most high profile contemporary artists.
  • Adriana Molder -brings influences from film and drama into her stark portraits, in which she captures the faces of characters caught at crucial moments in a narrative.
  • Paula Rego - is firmly established in the international art world for her paintings, which often draw upon fairy tales and children’s stories to create surreal, satirical narratives.
  • Santiago Ribeiro - is one of Portugal’s most active surrealist painters, updating the genre for the 21st century.
  • Jorge Santos - his paintings strive for a hyperrealism, at times mistakable for a photo – yet it is clear that nothing is quite what it seems.
  • Catarina Botelho - her work portrays simple, almost mundane, subject matter, but brings out an unseen beauty in the settings. 
  • Francisco Vidal - his work engages with this Lusophone African identity.
  • Pedro Cabrita Reis -  is one of the country’s most high-profile artists. 
  • Vasco Araújo - works with a wide variety of mediums – video, sculpture and painting, among others – to convey his messages, which tend to center on questions of power and identity across history and culture.
  • Carla Filipe -her multi-medium works combine pieces she has created with historical archives, giving a sense of continuity with history.

You can also invest in established artist that are not Portuguese. Here you can find a list of artists that our external experts work with:

Art investment golden visa Portugal portfolio

How to get advice what to buy?

Especially those who are relatively new to the art market should consider getting professional advice. Here, for example, it is worth consulting an art consultant who supports the client in buying and collecting art, researches procurement options or establishes contacts.


Anyone looking for professional support in the field of art management should not only be satisfied with buying advice and pure property search as a service. In particular, good advice also conveys specialist knowledge, gives an insight into the artist's work and intentions, and can generally demonstrate a basic understanding of the technique and the art-historical context of the work. It is often helpful if the adviser himself has an artistic or art historical context and therefore has an inherent enthusiasm for art and knowledge about the market.


We help you to find the right expert for your art investment.




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