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Close call: Golden Visa reduced investment


You know that Portugal’s Golden Visa is the most popular in Europe, and with the proposed changes taking place next year, now is the right time to apply!


Starting in January 2022 investors will no longer be able to apply for a Golden visa by purchasing residential properties in high-density areas such as Lisbon and Porto. Also, the minimum investment in capital funds will jump from 350k to 500k €.


The time to act is almost over. If you were considering the renovation route in a high-density populated area you probably don't have enough time anymore. You can still:


  •  Purchase commercial properties  350k and apply in 2022
  • Purchase an investment fund of 350k in 2021
  • Purchase an investment fund of 500k in 2022


Advantages of investing in a capital investment fund in 2021


Reduced minimum required investment: to be eligible for a Golden Visa through a fund, the minimum value of the investment to be made through the acquisition of participation units is EUR 350,000. Consequently, it is one of the most affordable available options. For instance, the minimum value in the transfer of capital to Portugal is fixed to EUR 1,000,000.  


Simplicity in the realisation of the investment: as compared to the other available options, the investment in a fund is easier and quicker. In practice and according to the current legislation, the proof of investment is made by presenting a declaration issued by the fund manager,

namely confirming that the maturity of the fund is of at least five years and that a minimum of 60% of the fund is invested in companies incorporated and managed in Portugal.


Absence of indirect costs associated with the investment.


Potential annual returns and capital gains.


Why Portuguese Golden Visa?


Covid, like any other aspect of life, has wreaked havoc, with investment levels dropping by 12.8% in 2020. Despite that, the Portuguese residency-by-investment program still raised €647 million last year. Given the devastating effects of the coronavirus outbreak on other economies and real estate markets around the world, Portugal still managed to achieve impressive results. This further demonstrated that, while the real estate industry may fluctuate due to natural factors such as disease outbreaks, or even political and governmental reasons, it never actually deteriorates or drops over time.


Thus, Portugal has grown incredibly popular, with the opportunity to invest, lay solid foundations for family life, and provide citizenship to family members and dependent children. It’s easy to see why more and more people are flocking to Portugal, far beyond its geographical appeal and the possibility of visa-free travel across Europe. Stability is also a primary consideration when investing in Portugal. 


(Source: SEF anual report 2020)














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