Pearls of Portugal: About us

CEO Pearls of Portugal Frederik Pohl

Pearls of Portugal is a Portugal-based limited liability company. At the top is the CEO Frederik Pohl.


Frederik Pohl studied social sciences in Mannheim and then spent 5 years with the management consultancy Roland Berger in Munich. He then worked for the OTTO Group in a senior function in Hamburg.



After more than 14 years of experience in the purchase and commercial use of real estate, he has decided to transfer his passion and dedication into a company: Pearls of Portugal. All staff associate this high passion for Portugal and a strong passion for real estate in Portugal.


For us, the search for a property is not a mere purchase. We always see the search for real estate as a new stage of life in the lives of our customers. We want to accompany our customers in this step professionally and, above all, humanely.

Core Values

Pearls of Portugal sees itself as a strong and fair partner for property seekers in Portugal.


Our corporate philosophy is based on three core values:


Performance: We always want to present our customers the best possible and cheapest offer that suits your wishes.


Honesty: We do not want to offer our clients a show, but give honest and authentic feedback.


Long-term: We are not looking for fast money with the customers but are interested in a long-term cooperation

Corporate Responsibility

At Pearls of Portugal, we are also aware of our social responsibility in Portugal. We therefore donate 100 EUR per order to the social institution "Casa do Caminho", which looks after children without parents.