Golden Visa Lawyer in Portugal

The application for a golden visa is no complicated process. Since the launch of the program many thousands applications were successfully approved. Nevertheless it is strongly recommended to hand the entire process into the hands of an experienced law firm. They may cost more then other players in the market. But the money is well invested considering the overall amount that is invested the the golden visa project. 

We work with highly experienced law firms that have a proven record of successful golden visa applications. Our partners work with packages which means they provide you with all the necessary services  for a fixed price. This way there will be no unnecessary extra charges along the process and a guaranteed support in the following years. 


The lawyer services for the golden visa contain the following services:

  • Check, approval and monitoring of the intended investment regardless if it is in the area of real estate, bank deposit or other capital investments in Portugal. The check and approval is done prior to the actual investment so you do not risk your money
  • Contract services for the golden visa investment e.g. the promissory contracts, deeds of purchase/sale and its subsequent registration, setting up a Portuguese company, in the transfer of capital and in corporate acquisitions.
  • Assistance for foreign citizens and preparation all the necessary paperwork to obtain the approval for the golden visa. This also applies to all the family members
  • Support throughout the whole process of acquisition of the temporary residency in the first year as well as the renewal processes during the relevant period of 5 five years.

The following detailed tasks are done by a golden visa lawyer:

  • Fiscal representation 
  • Initial tax planning session with an independent tax advisor
  • Obtaining Portuguese taxpayer number for main applicant and spouse, if applicable 
  • Visiting a local bank to open Portuguese bank account
  • Finalization of the property acquisition (signing of the reservation agreement) or other qualifying investment option
  • Completion of the property documentation: - Signing of the deed - Registration of the property with the land registry and the tax authorities
  • Preparation of the personal documents, including certification before the Portuguese embassy or with the Hague Apostille
  • Translation of the documents into Portuguese and certification of the translation
  • Uploading of the main applicant’s documents on the Immigration and Border Service’s (SEF) online platform
  • Payment of the government processing fee
  • Application acceptance by SEF
  • Uploading of the family members’ documents on the SEF online platform, if applicable
  • Payment of the government processing fees for the family members, if applicable
  • The family members’ applications acceptance by SEF, if applicable
  • Booking of biometrics appointment at SEF for a date chosen by the client and depending on SEF’s availability
  • Appointment at SEF for the biometric data provision and submission of the original documents
  • Awaiting the government’s decision on the application
  • Receiving of the approval notification from SEF
  • Payment of the GRP card(s)
  • Issuance of the GRP card(s)
  • Sending the GRP card(s) to the client


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