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Buy the best real estate in Portugal with the leading buyers' agent

We are the market leading buyer's agent in Portugal and offer a unique portfolio of services for our clients. With us you work together with a strong partner by your side, which makes the real estate purchase as easy and stress less as possible.  We help international clients from all over the world to invest in Portugal safely and for a great price. 


Find the best real estate with the leading buyer agent in Portugal. We look forward to work with you!

Advantages working with Pearls of Portugal

  • We take care of the entire work for you.  We search on over 120 platform, 70 real estate networks and banks. That relieves and saves time and nerves
  • We accompany you throughout the entire process. We organize the viewings for you and clarify questions with the realtors
  • We provide you with professional evaluations of the real estate to guarantee you real and optimal market prices  
  • Our customers save a lot of money because we conduct the price negotiations for you with local and native employees
  • Through us you have the best choice of objects and market transparency because we are not limited by a portfolio.
  • Our partner lawyers assure legal support throughout the entire process (optional)

The most important aspect for us is a fair und trusting cooperation. You take no risks with us and always have control over the investment process. 

Our buyer agent services at a glance

Purchase support - Strong support to buy the favorite real estate in Portugal


You have already found a perfect real estate or you have several concrete alternatives to choose from? But you would like to have a strong local partner on your side, who accompanies you during the viewings and during the purchase? We offer a professional purchase support that covers all the important steps during the purchase process. If you have specific questions just let us know and we will adapt our services to your personal requirements.

  • Coordination and accompaniment of the viewing ideally already coordinated by us to get a better standing regarding the seller and realtor
  • Price negotiation for the real estate in your name. We take care of the entire communication
  • Coordination and company of the dates for the preliminary agreement
  • Independent valuation of your desired real estate
  • Mediation of lawyers and notaries for a safe legal handling of the purchase
  • Mediation of technical examiners or financing partners like banks
  • Coordination and accompany of the usual preliminary contract (contrato promessa de compra e venda). 

Individual real estate Search - Taking every step with a strong partner by your side


We take care of all the work for the real estate search, the visits, the price negotiations and the purchase. We also help you with the mediation of banks and other service providers. This makes the purchase of the real estate in Portugal as convenient and easy as possible. 


You will be personally assisted by one of our client managers  that researches suitable real estate based on your wishes and ideas. This option is best for those who already have specific ideas about their property and also intend to visit real estate in Portugal.

Our services:

  • Personal assistance by a research consultant. Individual searches on more than 120 online portals, banks and 70 brokerage networks based on your personal search profile
  • Coordination and accompaniment of the viewing appointments and handling of the realtors
  • Price negotiation with the aim to buy the property as cheap as possible for you
  • Assistance with the authorities, utilities, realtors and banks
  • Professional price evaluation of your property
  • Mediation of lawyers and notaries for safe handling of the purchase
  • Mediation of technical examiners or surveyors
  • Mediation of financing partners such as agencies or banks
  • Coordination and accompany of the usual preliminary contract (contrato promessa de compra e venda). 

Exclusive real estate search - you choose comfortably out of the options and we take care of everything else


Many customers would like to have only one contact and person responsible for the entire purchase. In the exclusive search, we do not only offer you all the services relevant for the real estate search. We also take care of the deed and all bureaucratic steps for you. You only have to choose, we take care of the rest. The option is perfect for clients that want to limit their involvement and work us much as possible. 



Our services:


  • Personal support by a permanent team. We search for you on more than 120 online portals, banks and 70 brokerage networks and also on site
  • Scheduling of the viewing appointments and personal accompaniment on the dates. We drive you comfortably to every appointment
  • Price negotiations taken care by your team
  • Carrying out administrative procedures, supplier registrations and banking appointments
  • Professional property valuation of real estate to ensure a good market value
  • Transparent listing of all costs during the purchase before the purchase date
  • Coordination and accompany of the usual preliminary contract (contrato promessa de compra e venda) and the actual deep. 
  • Arranging and coordinating of any further service providers you need for the real estate purchase

Pearls of Portugal

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