What is a Caderneta Predial Urbana?

The Caderneta Predial Urbana is a unique certificate for each property, as an identification document of the property. Issued by the Tax Authority (AT) and also called Matrix Certificate. This document contains all the tax information regarding the property.

For example, in the case of a property in a building, Caderneta Predial Urbana will include the following information:


  • Housing holders: tax identification (name and tax residence)
  • Property location
  • Identification of the building, district, municipality, parish and matrix article (number assigned by the finances to the building)
  • Description of the building: the type of building and if it is a horizontal property regime
  • Building areas: a total area of land and an area of implantation
  • Confrontations: if it faces north, south, east or west
  • Identification of the autonomous fraction - an indication of the floor or corresponding letter - and a location of the fraction
  • Fraction areas: private gross area and dependent gross area
  • Elements of fraction and what it is for (for example: Permanent Own Housing or Secondary Housing), typology (number of divisions), permillage and number of floors
  • Housing valuation data: the year of registration in the matrix, the current Tax Asset Value (VPT) of the fraction, the statistical data of registration and the formula used for calculating the VPT


It is necessary for:

  • Prove the tax and matrix status of a property;
  • Provide information about the building and/or fraction and its owners;
  • Register at the Land Registry Office;
  • Sell or buy a house;
  • Subscribe to multi-risk home insurance;
  • Calculate the IMI;
  • Reassess the VPT;
  • Water and electricity contracts are signed;
  • Obtain energy certificate;
  • Ask for home credit.

How to get?

The Caderneta Predial Urbana can be requested:

at the branches of the Tax and Customs Authority (AT), through a determined fee. To do this, you just need to present your citizen card and reveal the property's number.




online and free of charge on the Finance Portal with your access code (the same one that you use to fill out the IRS). The document is valid for 12 months.


To consult your property book online, follow these steps:

  • 1st step: Access the Finance Portal, at www.portaldasfinancas.gov.pt;
  • 2nd step: Click on Tax services and then on Citizens, Consult, Real Estate and Property heritage;
  • 3rd step: Make your authentication, inserting the Tax Identification Number (NIF) and the password to access the Finance Portal. After clicking on the “Enter” button, an updated list with your property heritage is displayed. Data related to the parish, article, year of matrix registration, initial value and current value of each building are indicated;
  • 4th step: Select the booklet of the desired property. Then, a window with the document will open. You can save it in PDF format or print it out. 

How can I get the certificate?

Only the legitimate owner of the property or his legal representative.


The property book is not given to third parties, and there is an option to purchase a simplified version of it, requesting a Certificate of Land Registration, the Technical Housing Form or the Housing License, at the City Council of the area where the property is located.


What kind of information contains the document?

It is important to know how to read the urban property booklet, so you can make a correct management of the Property Tax Value (VPT) of the properties and the amount payable of Municipal Property Tax (IMI). Anyone can read it.

Two very important aspects: the Fraction Areas and the Age of the Property.

The Fraction Areas:



According to the Municipal Property Tax Code:


Private gross area (Aa)

Corresponds to the total surface, measured by the outer perimeter and axes of the walls or other separating elements of the building or fraction. Includes closed private balconies, cellars and private attics with identical use to the building or fraction (CIMI), bedrooms, kitchen, living room , hall, corridors, bathrooms. Excludes open balconies, terraces and any common areas.


Dependent gross area (Ab)

These are covered and closed areas for exclusive use, even though they constitute common parts, located outside the building or fraction, whose uses are accessory in relation to the use for which the building or fraction is intended. It is considered for that purpose, accessory locations: garages, parking, storerooms, animal facilities, attics or cellars accessible and balconies, as long as they are not integrated in the private gross area, and other private places with a function different from the previous ones.


Property Age:

The urban building book should be compared with the certificate from the land registry office. This is because in some cases the urban building book does not mention the real age of the fractions, being necessary its verification through the certificate of the land registry office.


How to change the data of Caderneta Predial?

When you want to sell your property, the value of the square meter is crucial. Because depending on this, the potential buyer will assess whether or not it is a good deal. In this case, the square meter is a unit of measurement of the areas present in the Caderneta Predial. These are: total land area, building planning area, gross construction area, dependent gross area and private gross area. All must be correct.

If there is an error, you must request its correction from the Tax Office. In turn, if the information present in the Land Registry of the Conservatory is not in accordance with those of the Land Register, you must change it in the Land Registry with the updated Land Register.


It is also important that the Current Asset Value (CIMI) is updated, as it is used in the calculation of IMI, in addition to IMI and IMT. In case you need to make your correction, you must complete the IMI Model 1, or go to the finance department or via the finance portal. However, before deciding on the correction of the CIMI, you should use the VPT finance simulator, as it may be beneficial or not in relation to the amount of taxes to be paid. Because in the revaluation of the equity value by Finance, the value of the VPT may decrease or increase.


If there are other changes as in the case of transfer of property, sale, inheritance, donation or others, you will have to go personally to the Land Registry Office to change the ownership of the property.




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