Portuguese language test for the Golden Visa

The main objective for many golden visa applicants is the acquisition of the Portuguese citizenship.  Part of the application is the proff of basic language skill on. The applicants has to show an ability to deal with simple, straightforward information and begin to express oneself in familiar contexts. 


This level is quite easy to achieve and can be accomplished by online courses or courses in your home country. The Portuguese Language Assessment Center (CAPLE)   for example can also be taken abroad so you do not need to come to Portugal for the certificate. 

What kind of certficates are needed?

The knowledge of the Portuguese language can also be proven in one of the following ways:


a) Qualification certificate issued by a public, private or cooperative educational establishment recognized in the legal terms, provided that its holder has successfully attended the Portuguese course / discipline, at least in two academic years;


b) Certificate of approval in a Portuguese language test carried out in public schools, when carried out in the national territory, or in places accredited by Camões - Cooperation and Language Institute, IP, when carried out abroad, with the regulation of this proof, as well as the respective control, appear in an ordinance of the members of the Government responsible for the areas of foreign affairs, internal administration, justice and education;


c) Certificate in Portuguese as a foreign language, issued by taking a test in a Portuguese assessment center, as a foreign language, recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science, by means of a protocol (see the Portuguese Language Assessment Center website CAPLE);


d) Qualifications certificate attesting the completion of level A2 or higher, issued by a public education establishment, employment and training centers and protocol centers of the IEFP - Institute of Employment and Vocational Training, I.P. (IEFP, IP)











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