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Online viewings

No doubt that the best way to choose a property is to visit the property by yourself in Portugal. But sometimes traveling is not possible (corona virus) or there is an opportunity on the market that requires fast actions. Often clients have one special proptery in mind but do not want to spend money for flight and hotels. Sometime do not have vacations to make a trip to Portugal.


The best alternative is to do live stream viewings through form home. This is a simple method that we have already practiced successfully with  many clients  to find the right investment. This way you can find the right investment without traveling


How are the Online viewings realized?

The realization of the Online viewing is quite simple. After having chosen the property we arrange a time that suits you and maybe another person that is important for the decision. 


The viewing is done through a normal messenger like WhatsApp, Google Meet, Facebook, or Skype.  You only need a stable internet connection and a Wlan network that allows video calls from your country.


The viewings will also be recorded and you have access to the video afterwards which is an advantage compared to normal viewings. 


Questions can be answered directly during the tour. We are happy to invite other contacts such as owners e or engineers. Questions can also be sent to us in advance and we prepare the answer until the Online viewing.

Can I purchase a property through Online viewings?

The first questions that comes to our clients mind is:  How can I make a purchase if I actually like the property ? There are two ways to continue with the purchase:

  • A third party in Portugal (e.g. golden visa lawyer, Pearls of Portugal) has a power of attourny to purchase a property in your name. This power of attorny can als be granted from you home country and should be arranged in advance.
  • You reserve the property buy a small down payment and a) come to Portugal later yourself or b) provide a power of attorny to a third party in Portugal.

For what kind of properties do Online viewings make sense?

Online viewings can be arranged for any kind of property and purpose:

  • Single properties (approx. 60 min) - 89 EUR
  • 5 properties in a fixed region (approx. 1 day) - 189 EUR

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