Our optimized search process to find the best properties in Portugal

In order to find the best real estate for our clients, a structured and optimized search process before the viewing appointments is critical for success. Depending on the target region, we adapt the timetable to the market requirements. For example in the cities of Porto and Lisbon the preparatory phases are usually shorter as the real estate is selling much faster than in the rest of Portugal. We will define the search process based on your preferred region to get the best results for you.


Preparation process of the property search:

  1. Definition of a viewing period by the customer. Ideally this is 6 weeks after the start of the real estate search. Even shorter periods are feasible and partly advisable
  2. Carrying out orientation searches in which the customer gets to know the market and the employees the preferences of the customer. The search profile will be adjusted if necessary. This phase starts 4-6 weeks before the viewings
  3. The initiation of the intensive search phase takes place approx. 1-4 weeks before the viewing period. The goal is the development of a short list of 10-20 objects that are to be visited. We recommend to consider about 3-5 objects per viewing day depending on the distance between the properties. Customers should also plan necessary time to provide the quickest possible feedback
  4. The planning and scheduling of the visits is about 1 week before the visit.
  5. The time for the actual viewings should be at least 3-4 days to get an optimal overview of the market. If you like a property, you should also plan time to visit the property a second time and obtain necessary documents  like the tax licence (NIF) or the powers of attorney
  6. Of course customer are free to contact real estate agents or sellers on their own. Usually they refuse to cooperate with other service providers if a customer has already made contact with them. Accordingly the respective real estate properties can not be visited with Pearls of Portugal