Golden Visa Portugal

A carefree future in Portugal - find a second home in Europe

The Portuguese Golden Visa has become an absolute success model for investors that seek - next to a good investment - a save and stable future for them and their family. Launched in 2012 the Golden Visa program has been actively promoted internationally by the Portuguese government. With an investment of only 280.000 Euros in real estate you already qualify for the golden visa program and get great rental returns.


A carefree future in Portugal- find a second home in Europe!


Why get a golden visa in Portugal?

  • You have the security of a second residence in a safe and stable country / continent
  • You and your children have access to the free education system in Europe 
  • Having a second passport gives you always the possibility to leave your home country
  • You do not have to actually live in Portugal to get the visa or citizenship
  • You will be registered with the Schengen Area central system which will enable you to enter all European countries without the need for an additional visa  (26 European countries) after your application has been approved by the SEF
  • The program is not blacklisted by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). Many European countries have Golden Visa programs and the Portuguese government recently reinforced the program
  • After five years, you can apply for the Portuguese citizenship
  • Family reunion is possible which means that certain dependent family members can also get Portuguese residency
  • Access Portuguese healthcare and European education system if wanted 
  • You have the option to become a non-habitual resident of Portugal and pay little or no tax for 10 years 

What are the investment option?

The following options meet the criteria for the citizenship by investment in  Portugal:

  • Capital transfer of at least  1 million EUR  into Portugal
  • The creation of at least 10 job positions in Portugal by founding a company
  • The purchase of real estate in Portugal worth at least EUR 500.000 EUR  (reduced to 400.000 EUR if it is located in a low-density area). You can achieve this option also with more than one property which is from an investment point of view even better because rental returns do not grow proportionally with the real estate value
  • The purchase of real estate in Portuguese urban regeneration areas or that is at least 30 years old to the value of at least 350.000 EUR (reduced to 280.000 EUR if located in a low-density area). In this option you have to invest some part of the money into renovations. Such projects need to be approved by SEF as qualifying for the reduced investment amount and it is critical to ensure the right project and legal advice is obtained before embarking on such investment
  • Investment of at least 350.000 EUR in scientific research in Portugal
  • Investment of at least 250.000 EUR in Portuguese arts, culture and heritage
  • Investment into private equity funds. A Golden Visa €350,000 minimum investment can be made to a private equity fund.
  • Investment of at least 500.000 EUR in small and medium businesses in Portugal

lower density area which gives you a 20% reduced investment complies to the NUT3  level with fewer than 100 inhabitants per kilometer squared or GDP per capita less than 75% of the national average.


Note that you can not get a bank loan or mortgage in Portugal to buy a property. You have to prove that you bring the capital 100% to Portugal. Of course you can apply for a mortgage in your own country.


 The transfers to purchase the property as well as to deposit money in Portugal have to come from accounts in your name. You can not transfer money or make purchases from other peoples or company accounts

Why invest in real estate in Portugal?

  • Although the prices in Lisbon have increased in the last years, Portugal is still among the cheapest real estate markets in Europe with a strong growth rate of about 13% per year ( Even in more rural areas real estate has grown more than 5% per year making investment profitable.
  • Portugal is attracting currently many international investors because of the high profitability in the real estate market. Real estate can grant a annual capital growth rate of around 7%. Touristic renting can even have higher rates. Funds do not guaranty a return rate or if they do the maximum is low like 1,5%. You do not pay taxes currently but you pay high management fees or or custodian fees for funds
  • Even during a financial crisis the rents will maintain while other options like funds will likely loose capital which implies a high income stability
  • If you have to leave your home country you have a second home that you can use for yourself. If your children want to live in Europe to study they already have a place to stay.
  • Portugal has developed in the recent years to a prime holiday destination in Europe with approximately 26 Mio. tourists in 2019 (  The cities in Lisbon and Porto attract many tourists due to their good connection with low price airlines and cruise ships. The entire Algarve is a famous region for classical beach holidays. 

  • There is also an extremely high potential for long term renting. Many smaller cities have opened their Universities to international students which created a huge demand for student housings.

Why invest in funds for the golden visa

  • Investing in funds is relatively easy. You basically only send money to a Portuguese bank and the do the investment for you. The bank issues a certificate for you which your lawyer sends to the SEF
  • Currently the investment funds are free from taxes in terms of acquisition and annual returns. There are other costs related to the funds that should be considered
  • You can sell the funds easily at the end of the application period 
  • By choosing a good investment management team in charge of a fund, the opportunities of the market otherwise inaccessible to the overseas investor are more easily captured. There are funds that offer good performances between 5-8%

Why work with Pearls of Portugal?

  • We accompany you personally throughout the entire buying process. We organize the viewings or meetings for you and clarify questions.
  • We coordinate the communication with your Golden Visa lawyer
  • We provide you with professional financial evaluations of the properties to guarantee you real and optimal market prices. We will not buy overpriced options with us  
  • Through us you have the best choice of objects or funds and market transparency because we are not limited by a portfolio. We search on over 120 platforms, 70 networks and banks. The market is our portfolio
  • We conduct the price negotiations for you with local and native employees. This way you can save a lot of money. 
  • We can work 100% in your interest
  • You take no risk. If you do not like any of our Golden Visa proposals and do not wish to visit them, you will have no costs

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