Special Offer Investment and Legal Services

We from Pearls of Portugal offer all the services that are needed to make an excellent real estate investment in Portugal that is also suitable for the golden visa route. We also help our clients to do renovations or any other kind of activities that are needed for the real estate investments. We coordinate also the work with your lawyer that makes the actual golden visa application and the renewals.

Overview of our services

  • We accompany you personally throughout the entire buying process. We organize the viewings for you and clarify questions with the seller. We coordinate the communication with your Golden Visa lawyer
  • We provide you with professional financial evaluations of the properties to guarantee you real and optimal market prices. You will not buy overpriced real estate with us  
  • Through us you have the best choice of objects and market transparency because we are not limited by a portfolio. We search on over 120 platforms, 70 real estate networks and banks. The market is our portfolio
  • We conduct the price negotiations for you with local and native employees. This way you can save a lot of money. 
  • We offer fixed and transparent prices regardless of the real estate value. This way we can work 100% in your interest
  • We provide you with the best options for golden visa lawyers or construction companies 
  • We pay for the preparation or review of the customary purchase agreement for real estate by one of our partner lawyers which also includes the legal checks of the required documents
  • You take no risk. If you do not like any of our Golden Visa proposals and do not wish to visit them, you will have no costs

We offer our investment service together with one of the leading lawyer companies in Portugal in a special price package. The overall price for the two services is only 14.870 EUR (excluding VAT). You pay for the services of Pearls of Portugal only 4.870 EUR instead of 5.490 EUR (excluding VAT). The lawyer company charges for their legal support during the application and renewal  phasae 10.000 EUR (excluding VAT) for two applicants. The prices are only applicable if you hire the two companies for your golden visa application. Please contact us for more information regarding the legal services of the referred lawyer partner.

Pearls of Portugal

CEO Frederik Pohl

CEo Frederik Pohl

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