Amazing property in Peneda-Gerês

The amazing property rises between the trees, at the end of the path, standing out from the terrain, contrasting the stability of the horizontal plane with the steep slope of the hill. In front of the National Park of Peneda-Gerês, on the other side of the river.


A mountain house for a large family based on the idea of the log cabin.

In a heavily forested area, it was necessary to open a space for access and emplacement, while at the same time seeking to minimize the impact on the terrain maintaining its permeability and topography. Thus, the rectangular platform of the house only partially rests on the ground, but in pilotis that elevate it, establishing a new relation to the landscape.

The building, intended for temporary living, is constituted by a single floor that is organized in a basic volume with a four-way roof, accessible through a metallic structure passerelle that leads to the covered balcony, from which you access the interior of the house.



The internal space is divided into a sheltered and private area, where the bedrooms and bathrooms are found, and a common area, consisting of the kitchen onto the living room, where a fireplace breaks the corner, and also a large balcony throughout the full width of the house, extension of the living space over the landscape.


The window openings were placed to take advantage of the unique quality of the surrounding landscape, providing abundant illumination, reinforced by the skylights in the four planes of the roof, countering the shading of the trees blocking the southern light.



The structure of the house is made of wood, including a set of laminated wooden beams, supported by the vertical peripheral structure, and in bars inserted in the interior walls, which guarantee its locking and the reduction of the section of these elements, together with the secondary structure, of smaller section, which will serve as the basis for a metal sheet roof covered with interlocking U-shaped wood boards with rock wool between the inner girdle, for thermal and acoustic insulation.


The exterior walls are covered with boards of Nordic pine, placed vertically, topped with a zinc capping, and the porch protected by a wood slat of 4x7cm timber placed vertically, occasionally interrupted to form windows of variable size. The window frames are also in solid wood, varnished, with colored interior shutters painted in tones related to the landscape, green and blue, onto the trees and the river, brown, ocher and orange onto the earth, like pictures in the white plaster walls. The wooden ceilings, also painted in white, let the rib of the structure visible.


The aim of the design is to place the building above the trees so as to benefit from the view and to integrate into the terrain with out changes of topography in order to achieve a strong connection with the landscape and the preservation of the pre-existing characteristics.

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